Spending more time at home right now is a great opportunity to get a start on spring cleaning – and not just your closet! Here are some ways to spring clean areas you may be forgetting:

1. Check your dryer vents to ensure the outdoor vent flap will open when the dryer is on and operating. If it takes longer than normal to dry your clothes, it may be time to clean lint out of the vent pipe.

2. Maintaining ovens and toaster ovens is important. To avoid risk of fires, make sure crumbs and food residue do not accumulate at the bottom of the oven. Leftover grease can easily ignite, causing your oven to catch fire. In the event of an oven fire, turn off your oven, keep the door closed and call 911 immediately.

3. Make sure not to overload your appliances. Consider moving them to a different outlet if too many are plugged in at once.

4. Don’t just check the batteries – be sure to check the AGE of alarms. The test button only checks the power source, not the alarm’s ability to detect smoke.
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Please read this important announcement from our friends at the Wisconsin DNR

Effective now, the decision was made to implement a suspension of all annual and special burning permits will be suspended until further notice as an attempt to limit exposure of firefighters and the public. A majority of forest/grass-related fires in Wisconsin are caused by humans. This is an attempt to limit the burning right now which in turn will reduce the likelihood that firefighters need to interface with the public.

Hang in there, and please contact the DNR if you have any questions.