Christmas Party 2019

We celebrated former Chief Andy Petrowski's tenure as chief at our Christmas Party.
A portion of Chief Luke Taylor's summation of Andy's service as chief:
11,753,280 minutes
8,162 days
1,116 weeks
268 months
22 YEARS of this man's life has been dedicated to this fire department and this community.
Here are some other numbers: 2809 number of calls during his service as chief. With trainings and meetings that puts that number at about 3,600. In 22 years the amount of decisions made would easily be in the millions.
Just a portion of his speech but pretty incredible amount of time he has given to volunteering his time.

First photo shows Chief Taylor presenting Andy Petrowski with a gift from the members to show their appreciation for all he has done. Thanks to Steve Congdon at Laser Innovations for all your help and expertise.

The second photo is Chief Taylor and former Chief Petrowski holding his helmet that was signed by all the members. Thank you to Island Collision for getting the helmets all clean and shiny for us.

Former Assistant Chief Brian Hazelett was also presented with his helmet, signed by all the members for his service as Assistant Chief.

Christmas Party 2018

Thank you for your Service 2019