2021 Community Photos

We also had several members head to Green Bay for the stair climb at Lambeau Field. Thousands climbed, some in full turn out gear and some not, in memory of those we lost 20 years ago. Thanks for representing us Jarrett Radmer and Tatiana Batiste.

November 9th

Jobs Around Town!
MHLT 1st graders stopped to see Chief Taylor and Firefighter Don to check out their jobs. The kids got a chance to spray water, “wake up to the smoke detector” and crawl to the exit. They saw a lot of equipment and best of all got to see the deluge gun in action. The kids even got to experience an actual call that got paged out while they were at the station, so they got to watch the guys arrive, one in his “pajamas” and the truck leaving and arriving back at the station. We couldn’t have planned a better experience for them. They asked some really good questions and knew a lot of answers to the question that were posed to them.

May 27th ~ Minocqua and Lake Tomahawk Firefighters hosted the MHLT First graders at Minocqua Fire Station this morning. The four first grade classes went through four different stations where they learned something different at each one. First, the kids learned all the different pieces of a firefighter’s gear and were able to try on some gear and run a distance to see how heavy a firefighter’s gear is. Then they moved on to learn how to get out in the event of a fire in their home. The kids were encouraged to talk with their parents and establish a fire safety plan. The next station was a favorite, spraying water. They each were able to hold the hose and experience spraying water. After everyone had their turn, Chief Taylor showed them the deluge gun, they were surprised how much water it sprayed. Onward to the final station where they observed how powerful our extrication tool is, a walk-thru the truck and some even got to run the siren and air horn.

May 30th ~ Thank you to everyone who attended our pancake breakfast and supported our Station 2 firefighters.

September 25th

All set up for Beef-a-Rama. We were at the Front Street intersection. Many people stopped by and said hi, and checked out our new Brush truck that hasn’t even been into service yet.

September 11th 2021

We participated in some events today in memory of 9-11. We had a couple members at Veterans Park for a moment of silence and others at Wildwood Park where they met families visiting the park who also stopped to see the fire truck. We were joined at Wildwood by members from Arbor Vitae Fire Department and officers from Minocqua and Woodruff police departments.
We very much appreciated the horns honking and waves as people passed by us at Veterans Park and all the kind words from everyone we encountered today.

September 8th

We were joined by Hazelhurst Fire Department for Fire Prevention with MHLT Pre-K and Kindergartners on Thursday. It was a beautiful day for being outside and letting the kids interact with the firefighters while they were dressed in turnout gear. Chief Taylor gave “homework” to the kids to talk with their parents about where their “safe meeting spot” was in the event of a fire. Highlight of the day was the deluge spraying water high in the sky and misting the kids with water.