May 30th ~ Thank you to everyone who attended our pancake breakfast and supported our Station 2 firefighters.

2021 Community Photos

May 27th ~ Minocqua and Lake Tomahawk Firefighters hosted the MHLT First graders at Minocqua Fire Station this morning. The four first grade classes went through four different stations where they learned something different at each one. First, the kids learned all the different pieces of a firefighter’s gear and were able to try on some gear and run a distance to see how heavy a firefighter’s gear is. Then they moved on to learn how to get out in the event of a fire in their home. The kids were encouraged to talk with their parents and establish a fire safety plan. The next station was a favorite, spraying water. They each were able to hold the hose and experience spraying water. After everyone had their turn, Chief Taylor showed them the deluge gun, they were surprised how much water it sprayed. Onward to the final station where they observed how powerful our extrication tool is, a walk-thru the truck and some even got to run the siren and air horn.