9589 W. Clawson Drive

PO Box 465
Minocqua, Wisconsin
Call (715) 356-4013

There are leaders, and then there's everyone else. At Minocqua Fire & Rescue, the secret to our success, since 1884, is the people. Our members are dedicated to protecting our community. Constant training, and the pride that goes along with being in the fire service is why we do it.

Back row (l-r) Lance Krolczyk, Station Captain Jeff Friedland, Bob Patoka, Junior Member Everett Towne, Jarrett Radmer, Charlie Imlah, Charlie Willms, Junior Member Adam Vapnar, Paul Seidler, Raiden Seidler, Jim Pozniak, Kyle Ayvazzadeh, Don Cupp. Front row (l-r) Assistant Chief Mark Vapnar, Lieutenant Eric Carlson, Captain Charlie Ouimette, Chief Luke Taylor, Station Captain Don Kort. Missing from the photo: Tatiana Batiste, Dave Edwards, Sue Krueger, Dan Lincoln, Lieutenant Andy Petrowski, Lieutenant Ben Susor, Jeff Pease.

Last updated: 1/1/2022